The Mans Guide To Colouring

Why should we be the only ones having the fun?

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It has always been a wonder to us why men are so hesitant, almost embarrassed, to talk about Colouring their Hair. It’s like they think, that we think, those Gold painted tips on Dark Brown Hair, are Natural, sun kissed streaks.

We understand every man is not David Beckham or Jared Leto, who are openly comfortable discussing man-scaping and the like. We want to say to all the men, and their partners, that there is nothing wrong with a little man maintenance and touching up your Colour! Why should we be the only ones having the fun?

Man Colour is a little different and should be approached with a more subtle mind than when woman Colour their Hair. There are a few key areas men generally get wrong with Hair Colour, so we have stepped in to give you a little guidance. All you need to do is follow these key rules.

Rule 1: Always, always, always keep to Natural Colours.

This is the first place men go wrong. They choose the Colour with the dream of what they want to be, without thinking about reality. For the man that wants a subtle Colour touch up, this is a very important rule to remember. Natural Hair Colours aren’t ridiculous or over the top. Choose the Colour closest to your Natural Hair Colour to accentuate your features and Tones. They are flexible and perfect for the man who wants a clean cut look or is more suited to the rugged style.

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Rule 2: If you are Dark, don’t go darker.

When choosing your Colour, it is oh so very important that you don’t have flash backs to your youthful dark locks flying in the wind, with music blaring out your windows. Reminisce but do nothing more. Do not, I repeat, do not go darker. It can be very harsh and ageing and, particularly for those who want to keep their Colour under wraps, makes your Colour quite obvious.
Nobody likes the look of the man in the dodgy suit, yellow teeth and over processed, over darkened Hair. Lets be honest, its these characters that have given man maintenance a bad name.

Photo: Tumblr

Photo: Tumblr

Rule 3: Keep your Colour within a 2 shade distance.

Don’t choose a Colour more than 2 shades lighter or darker than your Natural Colour. You are looking for a slight change, so you can easily manage your regrowth and still keep in line with your Natural Colouring.

Photo: Tumblr
Photo: Tumblr

Rule 4: For 100% Grey coverage use 20 Vol.

Like woman, if you have 50% Grey’s choose a Natural Colour and use with 20 Volume Developer. These two Products are specially designed for Grey Hair and will give you great coverage.

Rule 5: Steer clear of Bold Colours.

Particularly vibrant Red Colours. If you want to add warmth, mix a Golden or Chocolate Colour with your Natural Colour. If you want to lightly add depth to your Hair, use a No Lift Developer with a Colour that matches your Natural Colour. This will keep your Colour subtle and soft.

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Rule 6: Keep it understated.

We couldn't emphasise this more. Your Hair doesn’t have to look horrific or like a Ken doll; there is plenty of room in the middle to have a beautiful, masculine Colour.

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