Essentials: Setting Up Your Home Salon

Want your Colour on point? Setting up your own home salon makes it easy, more convenient and generally gives you better results. And makes your feel like a pro.

Can you imagine settling in for a catch up on your trashy tv or turning your favourite album up full ball and having a good sing along. Forget sitting at the Hairdresser with your mediocre cup of coffee, at your place opt for a wine or cocktail! This is how we do Home Colour. It’s a time to catch up with friends, gossip or give yourself a little TLC and “me” time. Enough of that, today’s post is all about getting your Home Salon on point. Why? Because it makes your experience so much easier and enjoyable and it’s something worth investing in. Here are our must haves for your Home Salon.

Tint Bowl and Brush

Let’s call it our cult favourite - the Tint Bowl and Brush set is an absolute essential. The depth of the Bowl with its high sides and the use of the Brush, make it a great tool to mix Colour or Colour Remover thoroughly together. Use the brim of the Bowl to remove any access Product off the Brush. Use your Brush for an easy and precise application, particularly for the regrowth and around the ears. You can also use the end of your Brush to divide your Hair. View In store >

Towel and/or Cape

Let’s be serious, even the greatest Colourist spills and slops from time to time. Keep multiple towels on hand to cover your work area and your clothing. Keep designated Colour towels, some that you don’t need to be too precious about so you can clean up any mess or clean Colour off your ears or face.

Sectioning Clips

These are a seriously underrated tool, they make your various processes SO much easier. Use Sectioning Clips to section your Hair before and during Colour or Colour Removing for even coverage. Also use them after when styling, straightening and blow drying. View In store >


Always always wear gloves regardless of the process you are doing. Who wants staining on your hands and nails when you have just treated yourself to fabulous Hair!


We like to have 2 types of combs on hand: wide toothed comb and a Hairdresser style cutting comb. Wide toothed combs are great to comb Colour through to the ends or when combing through conditioner. Cutting style combs create strong parts and sections and give you extra control you wont find with a wide toothed comb.


If your worried about staining, apply Vaseline to your Hair line, ears and neck to prevent Colour staining. If you do get Colour on your skin, the sooner your remove it the better. Try using a baby wipe to remove any excess Colour.

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