Bye Summer, hello Autumn! 4 Tips for new season Hair

When your Hair is really starting to show the strain of the summer season, it's time to welcome Autumn.

Oh Summer you have been glorious, and although it doesn’t feel like the heat of the day is going anywhere anytime soon, there are real glimmers in the nights and early mornings to show that the seasons are changing. That and our Hair is really starting to show the strain of the summer season.

Over the past 3 months our Hair has been through the ringer. Blow dry’s and heavy styling throughout the silly season, beach holidays filled with copious amounts of chlorine and salt and a schedule so full, our Hair has fallen second best to our social lives. Ok we had a great time contributing to the downfall, but now it’s time to get things back on track and get ready for our Autumn Colour with these 4 tips.

Get a Haircut

Nothing clears out the old, like the new. Our go to Hairstyle is a messy bun, popped up the top on our head, its quick, easy and a great choice for multiple occasions. The problem is, it kills the ends of your Hair. A quick snip takes off those dead ends and breathes life into your Hair. Your Colour doesn’t need to be your only new look, opt for a big chop and embrace the new. Try a Lob cut, hugely popular and not too overwhelming for those who get anxious from a big snip

Give yourself some VIP treatment

Rejuvenate your Hair with a treatment. Boost some moisture with a simple at home treatment of Coconut Oil. Apply the oil to dry Hair and leave for 20-30 minutes. Give a good shampoo, condition as normal.

Do a Colour

Use our Colour for a freshen up and bring back some shine and moisture to your Hair, through the beautiful ingredient of Olive Oil. Touch up your roots or comb the Colour through to your ends to pump up your Colour and leave your Hair looking fresh.
Or alternatively, embrace a Colour change with the new season. We previously wrote an article about the Colour of the Year, why not give it a go? It could be time to darken your Blonde, or add some Red reflects to your Brunette locks.

Tone, Tone, Tone!

As I write this, I can imagine you rolling your eyes - all the time Toning, but it is so important. Toning is particularly needed during Summer, because of the added elements that change your Colour. Yes the sun has given you some Natural highlights or lightened your Hair giving you that sun kissed glow, but the Brassy and Golden Tones you also accumulated don’t need to stay. Mixing an No Lift Developer and Ash, Silver or Beige Blonde Colour, will cool down and Tone your Golden glow to a beautiful Blonde.

Try these Colours To Tone With

Extra Light Blondes

Dark Blondes

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