6 Hair Resolutions To Keep This Year

Here they are, our 6 resolutions, that are not only very achievable but will leave you with some fab-u-lous Hair.

I’m not sure about you, but we have been bombarded with resolutions of all types. So we made our own resolution: stop with the crazy and unrealistic expectations, and instead start simple and create doable resolutions. Here they are, our 6 resolutions, that are not only very achievable but will leave you with some fab-u-lous Hair.

1. Treat yo’self, regularly.

The environment, blow drying and straightening takes it out of your Hair. Do a treatment monthly, or opt to leave your conditioner in your ends for some hydration. Alternatively, take a break and let your Hair air dry a few times a month.

2. Follow the seasons.

Blonde Hair in Summer, Coppers and Reds in Autumn, Chocolates and Brunettes in Winter that lead into Darker Blondes in Spring. It is a lot of fun Colouring to the season. Of course you don’t need to go the full length as we described, but adjusting your Colour throughout the year to the seasons, matches your adapting wardrobe and keeps your look fresh and modern.

3. Cut, cut, cut.

I know its easy to get preoccupied with your length, but if your ends are dead, they are dead. They can hold a lot of your old Colour and make things a little difficult when Colouring and Colour Removing. There is no repairing truly dead ends and no better way to clear them out than a cut.

4. Focus on your roots.

This is one of our main rules we live by and always recommend to our customers: when touching up your regrowth, focus just on your regrowth. You don’t need to Colour your entire head every time you Colour, as it creates unnecessary buildup. If you want to pump up your vibrancy, leave a little Colour mixture from your regrowth application, and comb through your Hair in the last 10 minutes of processing time.

5. Please, remember to Tone.

Yellow and Orange Tones do nothing for your Blonde Colour and although they are an imminent part of being Blonde, they are very easily removed by Toning. If your are Blonde, Toning should be a part of your regular maintenance routine. It is quick and easy to do, and you have a variety of Colours you can use to create the Blonde you want.

6. Try something new.

With such a wide variety of choice, you don’t need to keep your Colour stagnant anymore. Why not consider another Shade of your Colour, or squeeze another Colour in your Colour mixture to add a different reflect? It doesn’t need to be an extreme change, just remember to have fun with your Colour.

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