Hair 101: Cool Tones

What are these Cool Tones that smooth out your Hair Colour? And what Colours can you find them in?

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Last month we covered warmth, one of two key terms to use to describe a Hair Colour. Hopefully you have gotten your Hair around it, because now it's time to talk about the second piece of the puzzle: Cool Tones. These hues sit at the other end of the Colour ladder as warmths exact opposite. Just like we warned you last month, we will say it again, reading this article may cause an instant urge to change your Colour.

What is a Cool Tone?

Colours with Blue, Violet, Green, Ash, Beige or Silver hues are Cool Tones. Don’t take the Blue or Green hues literally like a crazy Colour. It means these hues are incorporated into a Colour for their Cool elements, similar to adding Golden hues to make a Natural looking Hair Colour.
Cool Colours are not vibrant or bright and are easy to spot because of their softer, understated Tones.

Why do I want them?

A Cool Colour is a distinct and direct Colour statement. We like their sleek, modern appearance and how they give your Colour a smoothness, that you can’t get with a warm shade. Don’t forget how they act as a 2-for-1 by taming warmth and brassiness. This is why there our go to for a Platinum Blonde. Not only do they keep the Hair free from the Yellow/Golden tinges that occur when Bleaching, they also give your Colour a reflect and Tone compared to the flat shade Bleach gives you.

Where do I find Cool Tones?

Hair Colours with Ash, Beige and Silver reflects are Cool Colours. Stick to any Colour names with those key words in their description. Or focus on Colour numbers such as:

.1 for Ash hues e.g. 7.1 Ash Blonde, 9.1 Light Ash Blonde, 901 Extra Light Ash Blonde
.2 for Beige hues e.g. 6.2 Dark Beige Blonde, 8.2 Light Beige Blonde, 902 Extra Light Beige Blonde
Use 908 Extra Light Silver Blonde for Silver hues.

Try one of our favourite Cool Colours

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