Colour Match: Melissa Mccarthy

We've been craving some chocolate and she was the fix we needed.

Photo: Tumblr

We first fell in love with her as the loveable Sookie St James in Gilmore Girls, but it wasn’t until Bridesmaids that we realised she was our spirit animal. She graced our shores recently promoting The Boss, sans the red wig, looking absolutely incredible we might add. We were craving some chocolate and she was the fix we needed. This month is all about Melissa McCarthy.

Photo: Tumblr

We love her Colour because it is so understated, yet incredibly modern and fresh. That shiny, warm Brunette has as much energy flowing through it as her personality, and the added highlights through the ends of her tresses look like she is always coming back from a holiday.

Photo: Tumblr

For her depth, we use a 5.53 Chocolate Brown for the same dark Brunette, but specifically we choose 5.53 for its subtle Golden reflects, that will give you similar warmth. Notice her Colour isn’t flat, using a 5.53 will give your Colour dimension. If you are interested in completing her Colour with delicious highlights, read our post about Highlights and Hair Contouring to get you on your way.


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